On Another Note

As much as I love shooting dozens and dozens of concerts each year, They don’t pay the bills. In order to make ends meet, every photographer in New York has to come up with alternatives to generate income. Here is one of my ideas. I have started a Tour through the website Vayable! To that end if you, or someone you know will be visiting New York anytime soon, consider taking a tour with me and you will come away with a great story, a few little known facts, and a thumb drive full of professional level photos. Here is a LINK and also some sample photos.

David Garrett and Marcus Wolf private performance

David Garrett-00115

I got to sit in on a very private performance with David Garrett and Marcus Wolf as they prepared for a livestream event on July 26th. A quick little set-up of my tripod and we were good to go. I hope you like it and please be sure to follow me on all my social media channels for all my latest coverage of the New York music scene.